Creating Value

How to create value for $Gnox holders
Buy/ Sell Tax
On the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Gnox is the next generation of reflection tokens. It is the first reflection token to optimize its treasury appreciation for its user’s profits both now and in the future. The $GNOX tokens can simply be held to automatically receive a proportional share of 10% of every transaction in $BUSD.
The Buy/Sell tax is applied for a few key reasons:
  • We understand that the current cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy. Therefore, it’s very prone to volatility especially being a new project. The tax allows the team to always have a regenerating treasury to continue development regardless of the current market conditions.
  • The treasury has been created by and for the community. Allowing the treasury to grow will allow us to contribute more funds to our DeFi protocols which are passive rewards that we share with our $GNOX holders.
  • We believe marketing benefits the project and also the users within our ecosystem. We have a unique marketing strategy that will be implemented and funded with our tax. A continuous marketing scheme enables us to help build the community at a steady pace indefinitely.
  • While our holders wait for their monthly DeFi rewards, a separate redistribution percentage will automatically be transferred to your wallet every 60 minutes. The more $GNOX you have, the bigger the reward you will receive from the treasury.
Tax Breakdown
  • 1% of every transaction is redistributed to holders in $BUSD.
  • 1% of every transaction is transferred into a Liquidity Pool for Pancakeswap to create a stable price floor.
  • 6% of every transaction is transferred into the DeFi Treasury, *see treasury section.
  • 2% of all transactions are dedicated to marketing efforts to create a consistent flow of new users and token price appreciation.