Why Defi Treasury?

With the complex and fast-paced nature of cryptocurrencies, most entry-level investors struggle to understand or benefit from providing liquidity, loaning protocols and other Defi strategies.
This is why the main objective of creating Gnox is to provide these DeFi returns for every entry-level investor. By creating a treasury to become a large liquidity provider (LP) in a pool, you are usually paid extremely high APY% for it. It is very common to see pools paying 100% – 500% yields for providing liquidity. However, we will spread our risk mainly through the safer pools averaging between 20% and 80%. The dividends paid to you are usually a cryptocurrency with a market value.
Once the pool rewards have been claimed, we will be using those rewards to buy $GNOX to redistribute to our holders, which will act as a purchasing event as we will be buying up $GNOX from the secondary market – which is very similar to a buy-back burn.